MTA Bridges and Tunnels Rehabilitation of Brooklyn Battery Tunnel

MTA Bridges and Tunnels Rehabilitation of Brooklyn Battery Tunnel

Brooklyn, NYC



MTA Bridges and Tunnels



IH Fee:



  • Underground Piping
  • Building Egress Improvements
  • Building Ventilation Improvements
  • Equipment Commissioning
  • Concrete Floor Modifications
  • Concrete Stairway



Project Role and Scope of Work

IH served as the prime consultant providing construction administration and inspection services for this $2 million building and underground piping-related project.

BB-28 Wrap Up 1 (GFM-516):

This project consisted of the removal and replacement of approximately 1,200 feet of cast iron piping along Hamilton Avenue’s North and South sidewalks including excavating an average of 7 feet below grade to gain access for pipe replacement, necessary support for excavation as required. It also consisted of replacing 1,200 linear feet of cast iron pipe from flanges located on both the North and South sides of the Brooklyn Plaza Pipe Gallery to manholes #1 and #6 on the Plaza, replacing valves and spindles located in all 5 niche locations on the Plaza, installation of fittings, couplings and incidentals to satisfactorily complete the work, full pressure testing at 300psi with NYFD coordination, and inspecting MPT for all work.

BB-28 Wrap Up 2 (GFM-516):

This project consisted of removing portions of an existing areaway and excavated to accommodate new stairs, removing an existing louver at one of the shop walls, enlarging former louver opening down to basement floor elevation to accommodate a new exit door. The project also consisted of the installation of a new concrete areaway slab/wall and new concrete egress stair, new drainage for areaways, modifying elevator and boiler room sump piping, installing new stainless steel door/frame with transom louver and hardware, installation of a new welding exhaust and general ventilation for shop, creating a deeper sump pump pit and a sloping topping slab pitched to sump pump in the elevator pit, and testing all equipment for workability.



MTA Bridges and Tunnels


January 01 2020


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