New York City Transit #7 Line Subway Extension

New York City Transit #7 Line Subway Extension

Manhattan, New York City



New York City Transit, WSP


2003 - 2011




  • Architectural Design
  • Electrical Design
  • Mechanical Design
  • Utility Design



Project Role and Scope of Work

IH served as a sub-consultant to Parsons Brinckerhoff/WSP for this subway extension project. The scope of work included the extension of the #7 Subway west under 41st Street and south under 11th Avenue to West 25th Street. The extension provided two 7,100-foot railways, an intermediate station at West 41st Street and a terminal station on 11th Avenue at West 34th Street.

Civil / Highway Engineering / Architectural Design / Utility Design

IH's civil scope of work included utility coordination with multiple agencies, such as Con Edison, NYCDEP, and ECS, to prepare and update keymaps. Mapping was reviewed to identify necessary utility reconstruction and relocations.

IH's architectural scope of work included the design of the vertical circulation elements at the proposed stations, including all stairs, escalators, elevators, and a pair of inclined elevators – a first for a NYC Transit project. Responsibilities include Code/ADA compliance, strategic maintenance and servicing, interaction with manufacturers, and coordination of the design with all of the interacting disciplines, including structural, mechanical, and fire protection, electrical, and plumbing.

IH was responsible for determining the best light sources considering efficiency, lamp-life and lumen maintenance and recommended illumination criteria for different parts of the project.

IH also provided preliminary lighting design calculations and developed lighting power budgets for various parts of the project as recommended by NY State Energy Conservation Construction Code.

Electrical Design / Mechanical Design

IH's electrical scope of work included the performance of an integrated study of the station lighting, recommending a comprehensive set of guidelines and applicable reference standards for the lighting design of stations and tunnels.

IH's mechanical scope of work included the preparation of a conceptual system design report for the new stations, inclusive of conceptual space and layout requirements for each system, and based on preliminary base calculations and functionality with other spaces. IH was also responsible for providing a study of sustainable design strategies, such as geothermal systems, evaluating equipment loads for sub-stations electrical power requirements, and providing incorporation of all conceptual work into the final system design.



New York City Transit, WSP


October 27 2003


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