Middlesex County Analysis and Evaluation of 25 Traffic Control Signals

Middlesex County Analysis and Evaluation of 25 Traffic Control Signals

Middlesex County, NJ



Middlesex County


2018 - 2020




  • Data Collection



Project Role and Scope of Work

IH served as prime consultant to Middlesex County for a detailed evaluation of 25 traffic control signals, part of a “pilot program” to develop a comprehensive database of existing conditions and improvement needs at traffic signals on the Middlesex County roadway network. The primary goal was to determine the minimum improvements required to implement uninterruptible power service (“battery backup”) at these traffic signals, along with associated costs.

Civil / Highway Engineering

Phase One consisted of data collection for the subject intersections, including current traffic signal plans, timings, and approvals; municipal ordinances and County resolutions; and identification of parties responsible for maintenance and payment of electricity.

Phase Two consisted of field inspections to verify existing conditions and conformance with approved plans and with MUTCD and ADA requirements, and identification of operational and safety issues to be addressed. In addition, a detailed controller cabinet inspection was performed with a signal control sub-consultant to assess the existing inventory and the needs for implementation of battery backup, which ranged from simply installing backup equipment, to complete controller cabinet replacement. A detailed Preliminary Design Report was submitted including all data collected, illustrated narratives describing conditions at the signalized intersections, and cost estimates for anticipated improvements.

The final project phase consisted of the submission of a Final Design Report incorporating comments received.



Middlesex County


January 01 2018


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